Copyright, culture, and media

Digitalization presents new challenges and new opportunities for authors, users, and exploiters of creative works alike. At the same time, digital networking has greatly changed the conditions of communication in business and society. We counsel and represent our clients in the rapidly developing fields of copyright and media law during the assertion of, and defense against, claims as well as during the negotiation of contracts.

IT and data protection

As digitalization proceeds apace, companies as well as governments and administrations face increasingly strict requirements in terms of IT and data protection law. The development in the field of AI and automated decision-making reinforces this trend. We guide companies, institutions, and government authorities through the jungle of legal challenges during IT projects and the establishment and operation of internet platforms.

Companies and contracts

The drafting of contracts is a fine art that requires extensive experience, which our attorneys have. Our many years of experience in the conduct of litigation also enable us to assess contractual risks accurately. We draft, revise, and negotiate comprehensive contracts and help to minimize liability risks and ensure appropriate warranty provisions. We counsel clients about the drafting of general terms and conditions of business, especially for online sales, and of complex distribution agreements. Where sales personnel are concerned, we create reasonable terms and conditions for the payment of commissions, especially for the period after the termination of the contract.

Our attorneys at the Frankfurt/Main office have, among other qualifications, special knowledge specific to the automotive industry and medical products. Moreover, they are specialists in energy law issues, particularly regarding energy supply contracts, and can point to many years of experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

IP, technology, and competition

The protection of intellectual property (IP) and secret know-how is of crucial importance for the economic success of companies. Yet at the same time, the boundaries between what is compliant with, and what is in violation of, fair competition laws on a rapidly changing global marketplace must be constantly redrawn. We stand shoulder to shoulder with companies and associations in competition with others in all IP and unfair competition law issues.


From simple authentications of signatures to complicated transactions in real estate and corporate law: civil-law notaries public perform a wide range of tasks for private individuals and companies. This requires an office organization with highly qualified employees who ensure the speedy and smooth preparation and execution of transactions involving deeds as well as broad specialist knowledge, diligence, and accuracy on the part of the notary public. You can rest assured that you are in good hands when our civil-law notary public, Dr. René Weißflog, and his office handle your affairs. His activities are not limited to reading aloud off-the-shelf drafts. Our clients particularly appreciate the careful recording of the parties’ mutual ideas, the in-depth advice they receive, and the impartial mediation of conflicting interests in difficult negotiation situations. Dr. Ernesto Loh, retired civil-law notary public, continues to give us the benefit of his experience. Dr. Weißflog authenticates deeds in German and English; authentication in other languages is also possible with an interpreter.

Government and administration

We help our clients to keep an overview and to assert their rights effectively in virtually all areas of administrative law, including in particular municipal law; building, planning, and regional planning law; constitutional law; public fiscal law; and environmental protection law. Our clients include numerous municipalities, other local authorities, and their companies and businesses, to whom we provide comprehensive support.
Our private clients also benefit from our work for the public sector; for us, public authorities are not opponents in red-tape wars, but rather partners in the search for solutions to problems. Several of our attorneys are specialists in administrative law. They are authors of numerous specialist publications, regularly give lectures, and organize workshops and in-house seminars.

Construction and real estate

Construction projects are complex, involve many parties, and usually require long periods of time for realization—binding regulations, unambiguous interfaces, and a minimum of disruptions during actual construction are fundamental to their success. We counsel clients during the conduct of real estate projects from the initial idea to realization and marketing—and beyond. Our experts support our clients during the acquisition of real estate properties, assist in the conduct of public procurement procedures, counsel and represent our clients during the planning and construction of structures, and provide advice and assistance in the sale or renting of properties. We focus on the goal-oriented support of construction projects, during the preparation and negotiation of construction contracts, and on the clarification of addenda. We develop solutions while taking into account the legal, technical, and economic interdependencies, because the legally correct solution is not always economically feasible or an economic solution is not always sensible from the legal perspective. Working on teams staffed from the various disciplines, we find legally sound solutions, clarify interfaces and responsibilities, and represent our clients in court if a constructive solution cannot be successfully realized. Our real estate team takes care of project developers, real estate service providers, housing associations, property management companies, and building contractors, as well as government clients.

Labor law

In today’s world, no company can avoid labor law issues. Just one wrong word can cost an employer dearly. Moreover, labor law is changing at an accelerating pace. Legal solutions that were the right response yesterday may be useless today. We know the pitfalls and what really matters, whether during litigation, in drafting contracts, for personnel planning, in management-labor relations law, and during transactions and transformations.
Our clients in labor law include companies of all sizes and from all sectors of business, including government departments, counties, cities and municipalities, broadcasting companies, universities, church employers, and cultural institutions. However, we also represent employees, especially managers, board members, managing directors, and works council members.