Government and administration

We help our clients to keep an overview and to assert their rights effectively in virtually all areas of administrative law, including in particular municipal law; building, planning, and regional planning law; constitutional law; public fiscal law; and environmental protection law. Our clients include numerous municipalities, other local authorities, and their companies and businesses, to whom we provide comprehensive support.
Our private clients also benefit from our work for the public sector; for us, public authorities are not opponents in red-tape wars, but rather partners in the search for solutions to problems. Several of our attorneys are specialists in administrative law. They are authors of numerous specialist publications, regularly give lectures, and organize workshops and in-house seminars.

Municipal law
  • Preparation of draft resolutions for committees and presentation in committee meetings
  • Clarification of municipal law issues
  • Preparation of assessments
  • Support during disputes with municipal supervisory authorities
  • Assistance to the administration in drafting notices
  • Drafting and revision of municipal statutes
  • Moderation in conflict-prone topics (e.g., housing construction, densification, wind energy)
  • Drafting of public law contracts (e.g., urban development contracts, transfer agreements)
  • Representation of municipalities and counties before administrative courts
Constitutional law
  • Representation in local constitutional complaint proceedings before constitutional courts
  • Legal assessments regarding constitutional issues, in particular on financial constitutional law
Public fiscal law

Statute counseling and representation during legal proceedings relating to:

  • Contributions for development and road improvements
  • Connection fees
  • User charges (water and sewage fees, cemetery fees, fire department fees, etc.)
  • Repairs and compensation
  • Parental contributions
  • Environmental charges (wastewater levy, water maintenance levy, water use charge, etc.)
  • Tourism contributions
  • Local taxes
Urban development planning
  • Drafting, amending, and repealing zoning plans and land use plans
  • Support of the planning procedures from the decision to draw up the plan to the participation of the general public and the funding organization to the final announcement
  • Preparation of draft resolutions
  • Legal support during assessment
  • In-house training of administrative bodies and planning offices
  • Urban development contracts
  • Blocks on changes, deferrals, municipal accord under section 36 German Baugesetzbuch (Federal Building Code – BauGB)
  • Local building regulations, design statutes, children’s playground statutes, advertising statutes, parking space statutes
  • Parking space statutes
  • Building regulations
  • Judicial review of standards proceedings before the Higher Administrative Courts (nationwide) and before the Federal Administrative Court
Regional and state planning
  • Preparation, amendment, and cancellation of regional plans (in particular with regard to the designation of areas suitable for wind power, priority and reserved areas for raw materials, securing open spaces)
  • State planning (central-location system, objectives and principles of regional planning)
  • Control of retail trade enterprises
  • Proceedings to obtain permission to deviate from a planning objective
  • Counseling for cities, municipalities, counties, and regional planning communities and associations
  • Judicial review of standards proceedings before the Higher Administrative Courts (nationwide) and before the Federal Administrative Court
Day care

Counseling and representation during legal proceedings relating to:

  • Financing of day care centers
  • Collection of parental contributions
  • Issue of operating licenses
  • Requirement planning
  • Operator agreements
  • Specific problems of labor law, data protection law, and trademark law in day care centers
Environmental protection law
  • Emissions protection law, especially plant-related approval procedures
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Representation in public hearings
  • Nature conservation law
  • Water law
  • Contaminated sites and soil protection law