Government and administration

We advise, above all, cities and municipalities, other local authorities, and their companies and operations in virtually all areas of administrative law—including, in particular, municipal law; building, planning, and regional planning law; constitutional law; tax law; and environmental protection law. Several of our attorneys are specialists in administrative law; they are authors of numerous professional publications and regularly give lectures and organize workshops and in-house seminars.

Municipal law
  • Preparation of draft resolutions for committees and presentation in committee meetings
  • Clarification of municipal law issues
  • Preparation of assessments
  • Support during disputes with municipal supervisory authorities
  • Assistance to the administration in drafting notices
  • Drafting and revision of municipal statutes
  • Moderation in conflict-prone topics (e.g., housing construction, densification, wind energy)
  • Drafting of public law contracts (e.g., urban development contracts, transfer agreements)
  • Representation of municipalities and counties before administrative courts
Constitutional law
  • Representation in local constitutional complaint proceedings before constitutional courts
  • Legal assessments regarding constitutional issues, in particular on financial constitutional law
Public fiscal law

Statute counseling and representation during legal proceedings relating to:

  • Contributions for development and road improvements
  • Connection fees
  • User charges (water and sewage fees, cemetery fees, fire department fees, etc.)
  • Repairs and compensation
  • Parental contributions
  • Environmental charges (wastewater levy, water maintenance levy, water use charge, etc.)
  • Tourism contributions
  • Local taxes
Regional and state planning
  • Preparation, amendment, and cancellation of regional plans (in particular with regard to the designation of areas suitable for wind power, priority and reserved areas for raw materials, securing open spaces)
  • State planning (central-location system, objectives and principles of regional planning)
  • Control of retail trade enterprises
  • Proceedings to obtain permission to deviate from a planning objective
  • Counseling for cities, municipalities, counties, and regional planning communities and associations
  • Judicial review of standards proceedings before the Higher Administrative Courts (nationwide) and before the Federal Administrative Court
Day care

Counseling and representation during legal proceedings relating to:

  • Financing of day care centers
  • Collection of parental contributions
  • Issue of operating licenses
  • Requirement planning
  • Operator agreements
  • Specific problems of labor law, data protection law, and trademark law in day care centers
Environmental protection law
  • Emissions protection law, especially plant-related approval procedures
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Representation in public hearings
  • Nature conservation law
  • Water law
  • Contaminated sites and soil protection law