From simple authentications of signatures to complicated transactions in real estate and corporate law: civil-law notaries public perform a wide range of tasks for private individuals and companies.

This requires an office organization with highly qualified employees who ensure the speedy and smooth preparation and execution of transactions involving deeds as well as broad specialist knowledge, diligence, and accuracy on the part of the notary public. You can rest assured that you are in good hands when our civil-law notary public, Dr. René Weißflog, and his office handle your affairs. His activities are not limited to reading aloud off-the-shelf drafts. Our clients particularly appreciate the careful recording of the parties’ mutual ideas, the in-depth advice they receive, and the impartial mediation of conflicting interests in difficult negotiation situations. Dr. Ernesto Loh, retired civil-law notary public, continues to give us the benefit of his experience. Dr. Weißflog authenticates deeds in German and English; authentication in other languages is also possible with an interpreter.

Real estate
  • Real estate transactions (asset deal, share deal, sale and leaseback)
  • Land purchase contracts
  • Condominium purchase contracts
  • Creation of residential and part ownership according to the Residence Ownership Act (Wohnungseigentumsgesetz, WEG)
  • Heritable building right contracts
  • Land charges, easements, and other charges
Inheritance law and family law
  • Wills and contracts of inheritance
  • Surrender agreements (anticipated succession)
  • Applications for certificates of inheritance
  • Prenuptial agreements and divorce settlements
  • Power of attorney for health care, living wills, and advance care directives
Corporate law
  • Formation of corporations and partnerships (GmbH, AG, GmbH & Co. KG, and others)
  • Corporate agreements
  • Corporate transactions
  • Conversion processes
  • Amendments of the bylaws
  • Commercial Register registrations