Labor law

In today’s world, no company can avoid labor law issues. Just one wrong word can cost an employer dearly. Moreover, labor law is changing at an accelerating pace. Legal solutions that were the right response yesterday may be useless today. We know the pitfalls and what really matters, whether during litigation, in drafting contracts, for personnel planning, in management-labor relations law, and during transactions and transformations.
Our clients in labor law include companies of all sizes and from all sectors of business, including government departments, counties, cities and municipalities, broadcasting companies, universities, church employers, and cultural institutions. However, we also represent employees, especially managers, board members, managing directors, and works council members.

  • Drafting of employment contracts
  • Termination / limited-term contracts / severance agreements
  • Special protection from termination
  • Working time models and part-time work
  • Company pension schemes
  • Employment of outside personnel and temporary employment
  • Work 4.0
  • Employee data protection
  • Compliance
  • Management-labor relations law, negotiations of works agreements, including representation before boards of arbitration
  • Restructuring processes and transactions
  • Social plan / reconciliation of interests
  • Collective bargaining agreement negotiations
  • In-house training programs
  • Review and negotiation of employment contracts
  • Negotiation of early retirement and partial retirement agreements
  • Review and negotiation of severance and settlement agreements
  • Termination and termination protection litigation
  • Company pension schemes
  • Claims under the General Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz, AGG)
Executive officers/managing directors
  • Review and negotiation of employment contracts, including aspects of corporate law such as specific features of remuneration law applicable to stock corporations, change of control clauses, or limited-term contracts
  • Severance and settlement agreements
  • Company pension schemes
  • Retroactive non-competition clause
  • Liability, including D&O insurance
  • Impacts of company law conversions on directors and officers and on employment relationships
Works councils

We counsel and represent works councils during negotiations on works agreements, e.g., regarding working hours and remuneration. In the event of operational changes, we support and guide the entire process, including the conclusion of agreements for the reconciliation of interests and social plans. The legal requirement under management-labor relations law to cooperate in a spirit of trust is for us more than just a vague set of ideals; it is the principle that guides us when counseling and representing clients in legal matters of collective bargaining. Pragmatic and consensual solutions regularly prove their value in practice; they benefit everyone involved and secure jobs. Nevertheless, we do not back down from conflicts if an amicable solution cannot be reached initially or if the works council’s rights under management-labor relations law are violated. We are regularly involved in decision-making procedures and serve as well as members of arbitration boards. We regularly conduct training courses and seminars for works council members, either on our premises or externally. The topics covered in the programs are tailored to the specific questions and issues in the company.